Wednesday Addams Game

The game Wednesday online is a skin of the classic Google Chrome dinosaur, based on the hit series Wednesday from Netflix. Use the spacebar and up arrow buttons to jump over obstacles, and use the down arrow (↓) to bend down to crawl under the obstacle. Help the young girl stop the local serial killer.

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Runner's main character

Wednesday Addams is a fictional character created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in his comic strip The Addams Family. She first appeared in comic books in 1938 and has since appeared on television, movies, books, and video games. She is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia and the sister of Pugsley Addams. She is often portrayed as a dark-haired, pale-faced girl with a passion for the macabre and supernatural in a long black dress and with a large doll in her hands.

The heroine is known for her nonchalant humor, her sense of gothic fashion, and her love of spiders and other spooky creatures. She is the opposite of her brother Pugsley, who is more mischievous and carefree.

Wednesday is an independent girl who is characterized by a dislike of conformity. At school she plays with her brother, and in daily life she spends a lot of time with her family and their unusual neighbors. We can see from the series that Wednesday Addams is dismissive of the outside world, which she often refers to as "normal."

Wednesday's game story

The series Wednesday reveals the story of the character Wednesday Addams of the Addams family. The narrative begins with Gomez and Morticia Addams transferring their daughter to the Nevermore Academy.

The plot of the game Wednesday online very well describes the events that happen to the main character at Nevermore Academy. Grim girl with supernatural abilities, along with the Thing has to overcome difficulties, solve riddles and puzzles. And no wonder, since she has to learn together with vampires and sirens.

Characters of the game Wednesday

Every new day at a new school is a new challenge. Wednesday will have to fight with Bianca Barclay in fencing class, trick academy principal Larissa Weems, sneak into the morgue and even come face to face with a monster.

The series has impressed millions of viewers around the world primarily with the delightful image of Jenna Ortega in the title role. Memorable dark appearance girl with two pigtails perfectly fit into the mystical spirit of the series. Notes of mysticism and romance also contribute to the original soundtrack, such as the cello playing in the moonlight, the heroine's extravagant dancing at the ball, and the contrasts in the clothing of the main characters.

In Wednesday Addams you will need to use Wednesday's psychic abilities to overcome all obstacles. Doing so will not be difficult, because the mechanics of the game is identical to the rules of offline game Dinosaur Google Chrome. No matter who or what you meet on the way, some enemy from the series or just an element of the landscape, such as a cross in a cemetery or a dried out tree - such obstacles should be jumped over. Flying birds are also life threatening, so as soon as you notice a danger in the sky, then immediately duck.

A separate place in the series took The Thing, which at first was supposed to just keep an eye on Wednesday and report to her parents how she was doing. However, from the very first episode, Nevermore's new apprentice forced the Thing to play by her rules. As a result, Thing has become a true partner to the girl. The Thing helps beat Bianca's rowing team, sneaks into the coroner's office looking for documents, and assists Wednesday in all her dealings.

The Thing has truly become a "right-hand man" for the young student. Therefore, and in the game Wednesday (free online runner) runs and overcomes all obstacles, along with the Thing. Compared to the other Addams Family movies and cartoons, the Netflix series makes the arm look more sinister, with stitches and blue skin in places.

Device Support

You can play Wednesday online on your PC as well as on your Android phone, iOS, or tablet. You do not need to download the game, just go to the website and start playing online. The top right corner shows the distance you ran in your last attempt, and to the left of it the total distance you managed to overcome. Codes for the game, valid in the standard game Dino Chrome, in the current version does not work in order to rank the best players as honestly as possible.

Once you die at the hands of Joseph Crackstone or fall into the clutches of a monster, the game ends. However, you can start the Wednesday game an infinite number of times to have the heroine solve all of Nevermore's riddles.