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Running Mario

Running Mario is the offline theme for the popular T-Rex game (also called Chrome Dino), built into the Chrome browser. Help plumber Mario run as far as possible. To do this, use the space bar or the up arrow (↑) and down arrow (↓) to duck.

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Arguably the most popular platformer game, introduced in 1981 and ported to all existing platforms. The game takes place in the Fungal Kingdom. The main character, plumber Mario, in the original game knows how to break bricks, collect coins, and attack enemies. In the themed version of the game Dinosaur Chrome, Mario has slightly more modest possibilities. The main task of the main character is to dodge obstacles and enemies on his way by jumping and bending over.

Brick walls, trees, mushrooms and turtles will appear as Mario moves towards the goal. No matter how daunting the obstacle seems, it should be avoided anyway. The goal of the game Running Mario is a little more prosaic than in the original game, where you need to save the princess and free the kingdom from the turtles. Here, you are required to run as far as possible, with each next step it will become more and more difficult, because the speed of the character's movement increases. Forward!