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Squid Game Runner

Squid Game is a Google Dinosaur theme that appears in the Chrome browser when the internet goes down. Press space bar to start. Jump up the dinosaur using the spacebar or the up arrow and down arrow (↓) to duck.

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The game was developed based on the eponymous TV series "Squid Game". At the center of the game is Song Ki Hoon, who runs away from those who owe a very large amount of money. His problem can be solved only by participating in a survival tournament, in which the prize is 45.6 billion won. This money would be enough for the main character to treat his mother and ensure a good future for his daughter.

The game is a kind of survival race for a cash prize. Danger awaits Song Ki Hoon at every turn. Security guards in red suits, a doll from the game "The hush you go - you will continue", the main organizer of the games in black disguise, even a piggy bank with money - all these obstacles must be avoided. To do this, you have two actions available - jump and duck. No one, not even other participants in the competition, will be able to help you. Count on yourself only. Your task is to run as far as possible.