Santa Runner Game

Santa Claus Christmas Game is a Google Dinosaur Easter Egg theme built right into the Chrome browser and available offline. Press the space bar to start the game. You need to help Santa give the children as many New Year's gifts as possible. To jump up, use the spacebar or the up arrow (↑), and to duck, use the down arrow (↓).

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With the arrival of winter, the approach of the New Year and Christmas holidays is gradually beginning to be felt. New Year and Christmas are truly family holidays, when the whole family gathers at the same table. Relatives from different cities or even countries come to meet the approaching New Year with their closest people.

In the New Year's theme of the game, Santa Claus is in a hurry to quickly distribute gifts to everyone who has behaved well this year. Behind Santa's back is a large green bag, from which not a single gift should fall. To do this, you will need to overcome all obstacles in his path.

Among them can be found high smoking chimneys from fireplaces, and television antennas, which help to deliver your favorite New Year's films to every even the most remote home in the country. An even more serious problem on the way of Santa Claus can be reindeer, from which you should also dodge, because all the places in Santa's team have already been taken.

How many points you can score in this Christmas Santa Claus game, so much will be the gift under your tree this year! Check it out?

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is a magical character from Western European and North American folklore. The historical homeland of the character is considered Lapland and the North Pole.

If you take any book about Christmas and the New Year, there the wizard will be traditionally presented in a bright red suit with a cone hat and white fringe. The image of Santa Claus is most often complemented by a black belt and a large bag of gifts. On the face of the wizard looks like a cheerful plump old man. His main distinguishing feature is his kindness. In addition, Santa laughs a lot and is always cheerful.

In this Santa Claus game runner, compatible with both PC and any phones, is the same kindly man in a red and white coat. Despite his age and build, in the game Santa Claus runs very fast, he easily dodges all obstacles, so that as soon as possible to divide gifts.

Characters of the game

In addition to the main character of the wizard, the game meets cats and cats on the roofs of houses. Santa should jump over them, so as not to wake up the children and remain unnoticed.

After all, you have to put the gifts to the children before morning comes. In European countries, it used to be customary to give gifts by leaving them in stockings at night, as if Santa himself had been in the house at night.

In order for Santa to be able to distribute gifts for Christmas to all children without exception, he has a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer. Thus, in the computer game Santa Claus, made in the image of Dinosaur Google, you can meet magical reindeer. It is believed that the Christmas wizard has a total of nine reindeer that can fly, so he can get to his destination very quickly. The main task of the reindeer is to pull the sleigh with presents, because Santa needs to pass a lot of houses during the night, and all the presents won't fit into the bag. However, in the game you have to dodge the reindeer, because Santa has not been to all houses yet and it is too early to go to the next town.

The interface of the online game

No difference in the mechanics of the game from the base game Dinosaur Google there is no, only the design and interface are thesed under another storyline. The main user actions remain the same - a jump and crouch. With these you can avoid any encountered obstacles that may be located either below or above.

To play comfortably on any device (PC, tablet and phone), the game provides control using both the keyboard and mouse. The adventure of Santa Claus begins immediately on the roof, and the whole game he runs only on the rooftops. The aim of the game is to run as far as possible, thereby distributing Christmas gifts to more children.

As soon as you run into any obstacle, the game is over, but you have an infinite number of attempts to achieve a better result. If you are registered on our website, you will find statistics in your profile that will show your best score. Be sure to share it on social media, let your friends try to beat you.

The action takes place late at night and Santa has all night to accomplish his mission. It's truly winter weather outside - it's snowing hard and fluffy. There is a chimney from the fireplace on the roof of each house that Santa will have to use to get down to the house to leave presents. Many city residents can't imagine warm cozy evenings at home without a family movie watching New Year movies, so very often on the roofs you can find satellite dishes and conventional television antennas.