T-Rex Game - Night Version

Dinosaur Google night runner theme (T-Rex Dinosaur game) - famous hidden game in Chrome browser when there is no internet. Press space bar to start. Jump the dinosaur up using the spacebar or the up arrow (↑) and down arrow (↓) keys to duck.

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The night version of the game Dinosaur Google is very useful for those who stay up late at their computers or phone. Black background and classic T-Rex characters and game elements make it comfortable to play and not blind your eyes. Although the night in the game is very dark, you can easily see the dinosaur itself. Green cacti, flying pterodactyls and other obstacles are also clearly visible.

Just like in the daytime version of the game, your main task is to run the dinosaur as far as possible. Pay attention to obstacles on your way - all of them must be overcome as accurately as possible without hitting anything. If you cannot overcome a long distance the first time, do not be upset, you have an infinite number of attempts. Start over, try and run! Your best result will be displayed in your personal account in the corresponding theme of the game.

Night Dinosaur Game without Internet

An important advantage of the game Dinosaur Google, which is built into the browser Google Chrome, is the ability to play without an internet connection. Jumping Dinosaur will delight any Internet user and children, and adults in moments when the connection is temporarily absent for any reason, such as your train drove into a tunnel or you are temporarily out of mobile network coverage. If your phone doesn't have any game apps installed, then easy cactus jumping gameplay will help you pass up a few minutes while you're waiting for a connection.

On our site you can play your favorite game Dinosaur Dino (night version) from any browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and even Edge) and device (PC, laptop, tablet or phone), and you do not need to turn off the Internet. The game is available online in different themes.

Interface and design

The classic game has two variations - color and night versions. As noted above, the night theme is convenient to play at night, when the lighting is not as bright as during the day and overly bright phone screen can cause discomfort. There are also many users who simply love dark themes and use such themes in all applications.

In night mode, the dinosaur runs through the desert at night. The sun has long gone into the sunset, and the moon is not visible in the sky. Only occasional clouds float by. The dinosaur itself is blue, but the cacti and all other obstacles are green. The main character is graphically made in a simple pixel design, recognizable to any internet user.

With increasing speed in the game the encountered obstacles begin to occur more and more often, and their complexity increases as well. For example, at the beginning the dinosaur runs, jumping over cacti of different size only, soon pterodactyls meet on his way (if you play the desktop version of the game).

The statistics is located in the upper right corner of the playing field. The first number shows your last result, and the second number shows the current distance you were able to cover. If you are registered on our website, each of your results will be recorded in the statistics. In your personal cabinet you will be able to see your best result on the night theme of the game, as well as a number of other indicators, such as average distance, total distance calculated on the basis of all games, best and average time.

Standard codes for the game Dino Chrome are disabled, so you can not hack the game with the help of cheats. In the rating table you can compare your record with the results of other users. Any encounter with cacti or pterodactyls will end the game and you have to start over. Play more and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Advantages of the night version

The ranger game, stylized with a nighttime theme, has a number of advantages just like its classic version:

  1. Great for developing your reactions. The speed of the game increases with every second, so you will need attentiveness and high speed of reaction to react to emerging obstacles.
  2. Easy controls. It does not take much time to start playing right now. Just press the space bar to start the game, and you can control your character with just one button.
  3. Device and browser independence. The online game T-Rex (night) is available on any browser and any device, including phones and personal computers.
  4. No complicated rules. The only rule in the game is to avoid obstacles.
  5. The ability to play online. To enjoy the game you do not need to turn off the Internet, the game is available at any time of day and night on our website, and in many versions.