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Colored T-Rex Dino Game

Color theme runner Dinosaur Google (T-Rex Dinosaur Game) - the famous hidden game in the Chrome browser when there is no internet. Press space bar to start. Jump the dinosaur up using the spacebar or the up arrow (↑) and down arrow (↓) keys to duck.

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Fans of the game Dinosaur Google will certainly like the colored version of the game. Green cacti, blue clouds, brown T-Rex, ash pterodactyls - everything is almost the same as it was millions of years ago. However, you should not stare at such beauty, because all these elements prevent you from reaching your goal. You need to use all your skill and reaction to run the dinosaur as far as possible. The further you go, the higher the speed at which the dinosaur runs.

Do not forget that in your personal account you can find your best result, how long distance you could overcome. It also shows the average and total distance calculated based on the total number of attempts. Don't stop there, you can do more!