Colored T-Rex Dino Game

Color theme runner Dinosaur Google (T-Rex Dinosaur Game) - the famous hidden game in the Chrome browser when there is no internet. Press space bar to start. Jump the dinosaur up using the spacebar or the up arrow (↑) and down arrow (↓) keys to duck.

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Fans of the game Dinosaur Google will certainly like the colored version of the game. Green cacti, blue clouds, brown T-Rex, ash pterodactyls - everything is almost the same as it was millions of years ago. However, you should not stare at such beauty, because all these elements prevent you from reaching your goal. You need to use all your skill and reaction to run the dinosaur as far as possible. The further you go, the higher the speed at which the dinosaur runs.

Do not forget that in your personal account you can find your best result, how long distance you could overcome. It also shows the average and total distance calculated based on the total number of attempts. Don't stop there, you can do more!

How did the game come about?

In 2014, the Google Chrome browser team was developing a page that would notify the user that the connection to the Internet was lost. Initially it was supposed to make this page as simple as possible - to hang a suitable icon and write a corresponding text.

However, the browser's developers decided to write a simple mini-game that would allow users of the rapidly growing popularity of the browser to pass the time while waiting for a connection. During development, the game was codenamed "Project Bolan" in honor of the lead singer of the British rock band T. Rex.

The first version of the game, released in September 2014, did not support older devices, but the game was already rewritten in December. The game, which is a simple arcade game, quickly gained recognition and popularity. Other companies began to incorporate similar mini-games into their browsers, such as the Surfer game in the Edge browser.

Game Rules

The color version of the game differs from the classic version only in appearance, while the controls, gameplay and game rules are the same. In the game you have only one life, that is, if a dinosaur collides with an obstacle (a cactus or a pterodactyl), the game ends. The results of each of your games, if you are registered on our website, are saved and the overall statistics is available in your personal cabinet with the same name section. Here you can see the best and average results, both in terms of time and distance covered. The distance you managed to overcome during the game is displayed in the upper right corner.

Features of the color theme

For those who find the classic monochrome version of the game dull and unattractive, our website offers a color theme for the game. Now the dinosaur T-Rex is running through a yellowish sandy desert, where he meets green large and small cacti. The clouds in the sky are blue, and the pterodactyls flying over the dinosaur are ashy and mustard-colored. The colors of objects and characters are as close to those of real life as possible.

When your character encounters another obstacle, you'll see the classic maroon "Game over" message on the playing field. Colored T-Rex dinosaur himself is still young and has a reddish hue.

What qualities does the game develop?

Since the game is an arcade game, it is logical that first of all players develop motor skills and quick reaction, because you have to quickly react to obstacles. You have very little time to figure out which key to press (the up arrow to jump or the down arrow to tilt), and with increasing distance covered this time is constantly decreasing. So eye coordination and finger response are very important.

The essence of the game is simple and monotonous, so if you want to achieve a good result, you need to be concentrated and not to distract from the game for a second, while the dinosaur is running through the desert. In this case, the concentration must remain at a high level, because the speed is only increasing. During the game is an excellent training of attention, because it is due to him your brain correctly recognizes the image of a new object, and your fingers press the right button on the keyboard.

Being calm is another skill that will develop in you during the game. Giving power to your emotions can cause you to quickly lose control of the game and the level of concentration required. It is also important to adapt to new types of emerging obstacles and other changes that occur during the game.

Record in Colored Dinosaur Google

There are no championships for this game, so there are no officially registered world records either. At the same time a lot of people are competing with each other in how far they can run in the game without running into an obstacle. Our website has a table with rankings, where you can find the best players and try to compete with them for the title of leader.

Supported platforms

The game can be run from any device connected to the Internet. This can be a desktop computer (based on Windows, Linux or MacOS) as well as a mobile device (Android or iOS). And mobile devices can also be of different sizes - tablets, laptops, phones. All of these devices have the ability to open our site through one of a number of the most popular browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari. Even if your browser is not on the above list, with a high probability the game will work correctly.