Batman vs Joker

Batman vs Joker is a skin of the popular game Dinosaur Google from the Chrome browser. Online confrontation between two superheroes in one game. Press the space bar to start the game. Batman can jump - space or up arrow (↑) and crouch - down arrow (↓). Help Batman save the city from violence and crime!

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The game is based on the comics about Batman. To date, a huge number of films, games, books and souvenirs have been released on this topic, so the image of Batman is familiar to everyone. A superhero fighting evil runs through the night city of Gotham along narrow streets, dimly lit by rare lanterns among skyscrapers. In the game, Batman will have to confront the Joker, the supervillain of the DC Comics universe. During the game you will have to dodge Batman's main nemesis. To do this, you can jump or tilt, use the corresponding up and down buttons for this.

When you are in a hurry to deal with the villains of the city, try not to trip over trash cans, run into trees, or hit brick walls. In any collision, the game will be over and you will have to start over. Therefore, concentrate your attention on your surroundings as much as possible. Good always triumphs over evil, go for it!

History of Batman's appearance

The first appearance of Batman dates back to May 1939, when the new character appeared in DC Comics. Billionaire Bruce Wayne suffered a severe emotional shock as a child - his parents Thomas and Martha died in front of his eyes. These events made him swear to himself that he would dedicate his life to ensure that justice always prevails.

Following his goal, Bruce not only became a successful businessman in industry, but also actively engaged in philanthropy. However, these noble actions still did not fully cover the billionaire's ambitions to help his city and protect its residents from violence and lawlessness. Therefore, the game's main character begins to prepare himself both physically and mentally to fight back against the forces of evil. Finally, Bruce puts on his bat costume and takes to the streets of Gotham, the prototype city of Chicago.

Though Batman possesses high intellectual knowledge, is able to apply it properly in suitable situations, possesses martial arts skills and unbreakable willpower, it is always difficult to fight alone. And the billionaire had to confront numerous criminals, corrupt officials, corrupt authorities and outright villains like the Joker. That is why Batman often does his good deeds and restores justice with the help of his comrades-in-arms in the form of his partner Robin or police commissioner James Gordon.

What does the main character look like?

Batman is a tall man, about 188 cm tall and weighing 95 kg. He is stately and in good physical shape. Bruce realizes that in the fight against bandits and criminals it will not be enough to be strong, agile and savvy. In addition to physical fitness, he needs an image that inspires fear. Looking for inspiration for his formidable image, Bruce noticed a bat flying in through the window. It was the bat that was chosen as the costume.

Bruce was also called the cape-wearing crusader. His black or navy blue costume was recognizable due to the cape and the yellow bat emblem on his chest. Batman's image was complemented by a recognizable belt. He wore a mask on his face to remain unknown to the townspeople. Only those closest to him knew his secret. The distinctive feature of the billionaire industrialist's mask are the ears. Thus, the silhouette of the crime fighter can be distinguished from afar.

To remove suspicion, in real life, Bruce has to play his complete opposite - the image of an irresponsible young man, idly living on the money of his wealthy parents. The main character travels in a Batmobile, a batplane, a bat boat or a batcycle. For example, he uses the batarang as a weapon. However, in the game Batman has no transport, he runs through the city and you have to dodge obstacles.

Powers and Superpowers

Batman has no superpowers, unlike many other comic book characters, such as Superman or Spider-Man. All that Bruce Wayne achieves is through long, monotonous self-improvement. The fighter for justice has brought his physical training to such a level that he can easily jump from one building to another and even fly with his cape, overpower opponents in hand-to-hand combat. His erudition and profound knowledge in technology and many areas of science allow him to implement very complicated ideas in the fight against crime.

Batman as a great strategist thinks his plan and the actions of his enemies many steps ahead, which allows him to always defeat his opponents. A large part of the success of the Dark Knight is his unwavering willpower, even a series of failures or the loss of loved ones do not stop the comic book hero in the fight for justice. To find the ringleaders of Gotham's underworld and the true villains, the son of the night needs the skills of a detective. This is another area in which Bruce is quite adept. At one point he even earns the title of honorary Gotham police detective.

Batman's Enemies in the Game and Comics

In various comic books, Batman has faced many other criminals, such as Two-Face, Enigma, Penguin, Poison Ivy and others. In the game Batman vs Joker, which can be played both on PC and on your phone, of the enemies you will meet only the Joker.