Joker Game

Joker Game is a Google Dinosaur game theme in the style of the movie Joker by filmmaker Todd Phillips from 2019. Press the spacebar to start. The following actions are available in the game: jump on the space bar or up arrow (↑) and bend down on the down arrow (↓). Help the Joker escape from the police.

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The Joker game is a runner designed in the style of the famous movie of the same name. Perhaps everyone has watched or at least heard about this psychological thriller. In the game, you run through the city of Gotham and try your best not to get caught by the police. Along the way, you may also come across trees, garbage cans and even a coal-fired boiler. To avoid colliding with these elements, jump or bend over, depending on the situation.

A red clown costume and a bright hairstyle of the main character does not add any points to you, but only makes you noticeable. Therefore, take care and be as careful as possible. Run without looking back and pay no attention to anything, not even the Stop signs.

Although the opposition against the wealthy is supported by many of the city's residents, no one will come to your aid. The clown is a criminal, which means that the hand of justice will reach you. It only depends on you how much you can delay the inevitable.


The entire plot of the game Joker online is built around a clown (Arthur Fleck) with a mental disorder, who does not understand and does not even listen to his own psychiatrist. The Todd Phillips film shows a series of events leading Arthur, to the discovery of his villainous gut.

A gang of minors takes away a billboard and beats up a clown animator, and the boss awards Arthur a fine in lieu of empathy. A colleague at work, Randall, gives Arthur a revolver for self-defense and then sets him up, claiming that he wanted to buy it himself. This ends up getting the Joker fired from his job. These and many other troubles in life, as well as the impossibility of self-realization as a standup comedian, finally knock the main character out of the rut of a more or less tolerable life.

The film is punctuated by a large number of scenes that show very vividly Arthur's neurological disorder. In critical, anxiety-provoking situations, the main character laughs uncontrollably, and very loudly and unnaturally. Even the prescription medication the Joker takes cannot solve his problem.

It's not just the cruelty of the system that spawned the monster in Arthur. Joker's childhood was harsh, which may have caused his mental illness.

The Criminal's Way

Although the protagonist is a mentally ill man, the first crimes he committed were still more self-defense. Three guys from billionaire Wayne's company bullied a clown in a subway car. That's what led to Arthur taking out the two assailants, and then getting into a taste of it and catching up with the third to keep him away.

Revenge is one of the underlying feelings driving Fleck's massacre of his colleague Randall. At the same time, there is a sense of compassion in it--Arthur letting Gary go because he has always treated him well at work.

Mockery from TV host Murray Franklin leads to the Joker's reprisal of him on live television. Now all the residents of Gotham know who attacked the three rich men on the subway.

The people of Gotham took the incident on the subway as a sign to fight against the rich who exploit the poor. However, as the Joker himself admitted on the show - there was no such intention in his actions, it was a social request.

Now in order to escape the hands of justice, Arthur has to run and hide from the police and avoid the buildings. The rules of the game Joker are very simple: run and do not look back. You can play both on PC, phone and even tablet.

The Atmosphere of Gotham

It's not just the character himself that looks dark and sinister, but the entire city of Gotham. The city is on the east coast of the United States and is in the throes of an economic depression - the utilities are on strike and unemployment is rampant everywhere. Even the social services, which provided Arthur's medicine, are cutting funding and denying him his pills.

In each frame of the film, a gray, unattractive ghetto town with a very high crime rate is revealed anew. Although the city is in economic decline, it still has a stock exchange, many high-rise buildings - it is a metropolis in the full sense of the word. All these buildings you will find in the game Joker, escaping farther and farther from justice. In the very name of the city catch the distorted phrase "cursed by God". In addition to crime, corruption at all levels of social life blossoms in the city, and the stratification of residents by financial well-being increases from year to year.

Gotham is a grim metropolis where, along with the usual gangs of criminals, there is a plethora of the likes of the Joker. Gangsters have no control over such personalities. However, there is a symbol of good in Gotham - Superman confronts evil and protects the inhabitants of the city from terror from the villains. Superman is the city's last hope for a brighter future.