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Joker Game

Joker Game is a Google Dinosaur game theme in the style of the movie Joker by filmmaker Todd Phillips from 2019. Press the spacebar to start. The following actions are available in the game: jump on the space bar or up arrow (↑) and bend down on the down arrow (↓). Help the Joker escape from the police.

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The Joker game is a runner designed in the style of the famous movie of the same name. Perhaps everyone has watched or at least heard about this psychological thriller. In the game, you run through the city of Gotham and try your best not to get caught by the police. Along the way, you may also come across trees, garbage cans and even a coal-fired boiler. To avoid colliding with these elements, jump or bend over, depending on the situation.

A red clown costume and a bright hairstyle of the main character does not add any points to you, but only makes you noticeable. Therefore, take care and be as careful as possible. Run without looking back and pay no attention to anything, not even the Stop signs.

Although the opposition against the wealthy is supported by many of the city's residents, no one will come to your aid. The clown is a criminal, which means that the hand of justice will reach you. It only depends on you how much you can delay the inevitable.